When Justice is unjust.

Rejection has been baked and served naked to them. These are souls, that have to be sad if its happiness so they choose. Living in a time where justice is unjust.

I want to lay a wreath on how the world thinks about me, you and them.

You people Of today should know how we lived in the day, When a boy could hardly cuddle a doll, Dying,withered hope every day.

Innocent souls giving away themselves to a world so bitter as hell.

These are just souls, full of hope embrace them,Found their way support them. Don’t seat on this their joy, For even if there is a loop we will stick off of this hook.

ntracylinda 🌹


Dear Sébastien,

I’m too gorgeous à thing, for you little thing.

Must you think yourself a man enough to dance, Dance in the arena of this my womanhood

Like all other men, you must recite “The Beggars Creed” because I will be frank with thee,

My rosebush, My vagina, will not be pleased to dine with a withered dandolin, your penis.

You have reduced us women, to à state of utter profligacy, played us like toys made is less of the human race.

We are women, we deserve better, we must have all of it good in reserve.

Yours truly,

A Woman.


He left her on read.

Her heart bled,


flesh cut fresh by a blade.

Her innocence was misled

when he said, you shall follow my your lead.

He instead made her mend his need.

She didn’t think, she would be a slave, made for him to trade.

He was a dudeeeeeeee….

This dude didn’t care to fade from anyone’s memories not Freda’s in this case.

ntracylinda 🌹

Dear my dear.

I want to kiss you until day break, so you could forget all of them fake.

I want to give you a home in my heart where it has been clean long.

I want to give you day for every night and day because there was happiness when we met that day.

I want to give you the sort of comfort, life has offered to them Kings and Queens of today.

ntracylinda 🌹.

Nature never lied.

I want to stray down in the woods, where all these beautiful things lie about on chills.

The trees, the grass, the birds, the flowers, the leaves, and the myths.

I want to stray down in the woods be quiet and adhere to the might of these beautiful things.

I want to stray down in the woods, Amidst the ambiance of the chirping dry leaves listening to the language of all these beautiful things.

I want to stray down in the woods and give hope to all these beautiful things that Nobody is going to prey and not pay.

ntracylinda 🌹

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